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What is GetNighthawk? | GetNighthawk

What is GetNighthawk?

GetNighthawk was built with the goal to make it easy to use Nighthawk.

As such, GetNighthawk will provide generally available distributions of Nighthawk under different architectures and platforms also providing easy-to-use tooling for installation and operation. This involves creating distributions of Nighthawk and to build up existing tooling.

The GetNighthawk project also aims to work alongside Meshery and Service Mesh Performance to enable standards-based distributed performance management. This would enable researchers and users to conveniently identify the optimal service mesh configuration while considering their specific environment, application and load.

To provide this functionality, GetNighthawk will orchestrate multiple instances of Nighthawk (horizontal scaling) and would also provide an easy to use interface for Nighthawk’s adaptive load controller capability.

GetNighthawk also enables Nighthawk adoption by delivering trusted, certified builds, distributed via popular package managers like apt, yum, Homebrew and platforms including Docker and Meshery. GetNighthawk also bridges the gap between C++ code in Nighthawk and the language of the cloud, Golang.

This would also enable Nighthawk to be the performance characterization tool that would be used in the 30 patterns in the Service Mesh Patterns book.