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Nighthawk | The Nighthawk distribution for service mesh performance characterization. Integrating Meshery and Service Mesh Performance. Nighthawk
Unlocking distributed systems performance analysis

Behavioral characterization of your microservices' performance

Put your cloud native infrastructure to the test



Conveniently identify optimal service mesh configuration in consideration of their specific environment, applications and load.



Use trusted builds, distributed via the most popular package managers: apt, yum, Homebrew, and platforms: Docker and Kubernetes.



Enable standards-based, distributed performance management through compatibility with the CNCF Service Mesh Performance specification.

Nighthawk and Meshery

The integration of Meshery and Nighthawk bridges high performance C++ with the lingua franca of Cloud Native: Golang.

Use Nighthawk and Meshery to conveniently identify optimal service mesh configurations.

Orchestrate complext performance analysis scenarios with multiple instances of Nighthawk.

Star Repo

Layer 7 Performance Analysis

Generate HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2/gRPC load and measure the responsiveness of your applications with various types and intensities of load. See the affects on your services latency and bandwidth.

Enabling standards-based, Distributed Performance Management

Compatibility with the Service Mesh Performance (SMP) specification so that you can achieve consistency in your own performance management efforts and participate in the broader exchange of analysis and best practices of optimal operation of distributed systems, particularly in a Kubernetes environment and for workloads running on a service mesh.


Yes, using Meshery, you can create as many performance test schedules as you would like.

Yes, GitHub Actions are available to make this convenient, if you're using GitHub for CI/CD. See Pipelining Service Mesh Specifications

If you are using another CI/CD system, you can easily incorporate `mesheryctl` into your pipelines.

Meshery, the service mesh management plane uses Nighthawk as a load generator for running performance tests. Meshery uses the Docker image published by GetNighthawk to run Nighthawk. The Service Mesh Performance project is also closely related to GetNighthawk as it defines a standard for capturing these performance test configurations and results..

- Aimed at alligning and making Nighthawk compatible with the SMP spec.

- A Go native wrapper for using Nighthawk.

- Enables mesheryctl to do multi version lifecycle management of Nighthawk..

- A vehicle for creating and publishing Nighthawk extensions.

- Publishes Nighthawk artifacts compatible with multiple OS and CPU architectures.

- Provides a container with ready to use Nighthawk binaries.

- A logo and a website.

- A community of contributors.

- An audience within CNCF projects.

- A shared spotlight on KubeCon stage.

- Enables easy Nighthawk adoption.

Yes, GetNighthawk will publish the Nighthawk binaries which can be dowloaded directly or used through a Docker image.

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