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Meshery is the service mesh management plane

Adopt and operate any service mesh with confidence using Meshery's management features.

  • Lifecycle

  • Manage any service mesh
  • Consul, Istio, Linkerd, Network Service Mesh, Open Service Mesh, App Mesh, Kuma, Traefik Mesh, Citrix Service Mesh, Octarine
  • Explore service mesh functionality with 10 different sample applications
  • Validate each service mesh's compliance with Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specifications
  • Configuration

  • Operatore with best practices
  • Built-in industry patterns and known best practices
  • Apply custom configuration to your service mesh
  • Advanced reporting
  • Performance

  • Assess the performance of your service mesh
  • Distributed performance analysis supporting 3 different types of load generators
  • Built-in statistical analysis of service latency quartiles
  • Integration with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Baseline and track deltas of workload performance over time.
  • Wasm Filters

  • WebAssembly based sandbox programs that can modify your envoy proxies
  • Modify Istio service mesh proxies to add custom functionalities
  • Integration with Prometheus and Grafana